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VMware: Current known issues vCenter Server 5.5

Posted by bartvdw on 1414/1010/2013

These few issues I’ve encountered myself with VMware vCenter Server 5.5, and I think there are good to know/remember…

Active Directory authentication fails when vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 runs on Windows Server 2012 and the AD Domain Controller is also on Windows Server 2012 (2060901)

vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 Not Recognizing Nested Active Directory Groups

vCenter Server not listed in the inventory after installing or upgrading to vSphere 5.5 (2059528)

vCenter Server 5.5 displays a yellow warning in the Summary tab of hosts and reports the error: Quick stats on hostname is not up-to-date (2061008)


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VMware: Education Services

Posted by bartvdw on 1111/0606/2013

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VMware: vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0

Posted by bartvdw on 1919/0404/2013

Great stuff!

Introducing the vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0

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VMware KB: Purging old data from the database used by vCenter Server (1025914)

Posted by bartvdw on 1919/0303/2013

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