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VMware: Ways to transfer VM’s between ESXi servers without shared storage

Posted by bartvdw on 1515/1111/2012

You had limited options in the past, however you have more than 1 option to accomplish this today! Below 2 options I know about with great resources and very easy to use!

  1. Copy them using ovftool, read the article below for details!
    How to Copy VMs Directly Between ESXi Hosts Without Shared Storage
  2. Use Veeam! Below a how to…
    Veeam Quick Migration



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Tool: AutoLab 1.0 released

Posted by bartvdw on 1414/0808/2012

Very nice tool, and supported by Veeam! In short this tool allows you to build automatically a nested virtual lab in VMware Workstation, Fusion or ESXi.

AutoLab 1.0 Released

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