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Windows UAC and (mostly) file servers challenge…

Posted by bartvdw on 2727/0505/2018

Not only on file servers, but on any server hosting data, when you login and try to access a folder you could get following popup, even though your are either member of the local ‘Administrators’ group or the ‘Domain Admins’ (which is nested in local ‘Administrators’ by default):

uac file server prompt

When you try to view/edit the security:

uac security

This is caused by UAC, on by default and recommended to keep it turned on. You could disable the Admin Approval mode, or disable UAC, but why not make it work as it should without disabling any of the UAC settings?

Create a new AD group, don’t nest it into ‘Domain Admins’ or the local ‘Administrators’ group of the target server, as you’ll be facing it again.

Add NTFS ACL’s for this group as follows:

uac ntfs acl

Afterwards you should be fine to access the folder, edit permissions, and so on without the UAC prompt. Alternatively you can always manage the folder remotely using the UNC path without being prompted as well! So no need to turn off UAC at all 🙂



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