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DFS and FQDN in referrals

Posted by bartvdw on 1818/0505/2018

Recently learned something new, at least is was to me, about DFS and FQDN in referrals.

“The default behavior of DFS is to use NetBIOS names for all network shares that are configured in the DFS Namespace.”

That one I didn’t know… And yes this has a huge performance impact when working for example with Mac OS X clients. After configuring DFS (domain namespace) the time it took to just display the list of folders was extremely slower than connecting directly to the file server share. After changing the DFS behavior to use FQDN in referrals, the performance was dramatically improved.

Next there are some more Mac OS X specific configurations to optimize SMB though, testing those as well, but no further changes on DFS level as far as I know today.



Configure DFS-Namepaces to use Fully Qualified Domain Names – (It’s not the default).

How to configure DFS to use fully qualified domain names in referrals


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