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WSUS: Automatically Declining Itanium Updates

Posted by bartvdw on 0606/0505/2013

This is quiet useful, and easier then using the GUI to filter them out…

Automatically Declining Itanium Updates in WSUS

Adapt the code if you don’t want to have an email sent (ex. output to screen or dump in a text file).


5 Responses to “WSUS: Automatically Declining Itanium Updates”

  1. Gary said

    Here’s a tip to improve the performance of downloads of update files I have adapted from another site.

    Are there any downsides with this?

  2. Gary said

    sqlcmd.exe -E -S ServerName\sqlexpress -d “SUSDB” -Q “update tbConfigurationC set BitsDownloadPriorityForeground=1”

  3. Rob said

    this is not working for WSUS 6.2?

  4. Rob said

    I get: WARNING: Something went wrong connecting to the WSUS interface on server: Exception calling “Get
    UpdateServer” with “3” argument(s): “The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.”

  5. Rob said

    forgot to change the port from 80 to 8530…. works now!

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