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VMware: ESXi and additional gateways for vmkernel ports

Posted by bartvdw on 0909/0808/2012

Came across something I wasn’t aware of actually: using the vSphere Client you can’t configure additional gateways for vmkernel ports. Once you change it for a certain vmkernel port, it automatically adjusts this for all vmkernel ports, whether they reside in the same vSwitch or not. Reason iq quiet simple: ESXi does not have a service console like ESX did. The management network is on a vmkernel port and therefor uses the default vmkernel gateway.

Normally you do not have the need to do this, not even for vMotion of iSCSI, they should only be able to contact eachother and you normally don’t want or need to route this traffic. However if you should have the need, command-line is your only solution at the moment.

I haven’t found a PowerCLI equivalent yet, which would have been nice for the automation guys…

Configuring additional gateways for vmkernel ports on an ESXi host


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