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WSUS: Backup/restore configuration

Posted by bartvdw on 3030/0707/2012

Recently I found great information about backing up your WSUS configuration, meaning the approvals and computer groups, not the content. Below the information including the source I found explaining the backup/restore method. The article referenced also explains some common issues regarding KB 2720211 for WSUS.

Download the API samples & tools, extract the WSUSmigrationexport.exe tool and copy it to C:\Program Files\Update Services\tools

If issues, download the recompiled version from CodePlex which includes a fix for a bug described in KB 945348.

Then create 2 batch files, first one backup.bat, second one restore.bat (change directory for backup location as required/desired):

mkdir c:\wsusbackup
wsusutil.exe export c:\wsusbackup\ c:\wsusbackup\metadata.log
wsusmigrationexport3.exe c:\wsusbackup\configuration.xml

wsusutil.exe import c:\wsusbackup\ c:\wsusbackup\metadata.log
wsusmigrationimport3.exe c:\wsusbackup\configuration.xml all none
wsusutil.exe reset

Update Services 3.0 API Samples and Tools (Microsoft)

Error message when you try to use the WsusMigrationImport tool to import data into a WSUS 3.0 server: "WsusMigration failed with the below exception"

WSUSMigrationImport (CodePlex)

WSUS KB2720211 : Common issues encountered and how to fix them


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