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VMware vCenter Server upgrade: check vCenter Server Status afterwards!

Posted by bartvdw on 2121/0606/2012

Upgrade VMware vCenter Server is normally quiet boring… However check vCenter Server Status afterwards! Had an upgrade which went smoothly, but after check the status noticed some issues. Below the 2 things I encountered myself.

  1. Coverter: this is not supported anymore, if you had the vCenter plug-in installed and didn’t uninstall it before your upgrade, it will be in error. Uninstalling it doesn’t always solve the issue.
    Error after upgrading to vCenter Server 5.0: com.vmware.converter alert unable to retrieve health data
  2. "VMware vSphere Profile-driven Storage Service" & "vCenter Inventory Service" –> noticed that there was a reference to http://fqdn-domain/… without the server name!
    In reference to the link below, only had to change the registry key and ran the register.bat file; other settings were OK already.
    vCenter Service status reports red alerts and warnings after the vCenter Server FQDN is changed

Ofcourse you can have other issues, but it’s an important step to verify your upgrade. Enjoy!


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