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Posted by bartvdw on 1616/0303/2008

This week I had a friend calling that he had no more internet connection. He had already been on the phone with the helpdesk of his ISP, reinstalled NIC, … If I couldn’t take a look before inserting a Windows XP CD and reinstalling the whole system.

When I tried to view the TCP/IP properties, the “Properties” button was greyed out. To the command prompt then! “ipconfig” showed only “Windows IP Configuration”… When I ran the “netdiag” tool, it returned following: “Failed to get information for a network adapter. The error occurred was: The pipe is being closed. <232> [FATAL] Cannot find TCP/IP configuration from the registry”.

OK there was clearly a problem, but what’s the cause and more important: solution? Reinstalling the NIC didn’t solve the problem and reinstalling TCP/IP was something I was willing to do, but I found out that it wasn’t easy to do as it is considered a core component and therefor can’t be removed & added again!

I managed to fix this by applying several actions (and a lot of searching):
1. Reset TCP/IP -> netsh int ip reset <log> (log is needed, ex. “C:\ResetIP.txt”)
2. Reinstall “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” -> Add protocol, click on “Have disk…” and browse to “C:\%WinDir%\inf\nettcpip.inf” *
3. Reinstall “Client for Microsoft Networks” -> Remove it first, when you add a Client afterwards, it will show in the list

* For step 2 it is clear that if you have a Windows media available, to use the “nettcpip.inf” located on the media and not the local one as that could be corrupted.

Below some very interesting links that helped me a lot!

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How to determine and to recover from Winsock2 corruption in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows Vista

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3 Responses to “Troubleshooting TCP/IP…”

  1. conrad said

    genius, now if I can just get it to resolve my excange server!

  2. David said

    Wow, tried freaking everything! Was just on the verge of giving up when I found this. It worked! Thanks much!

  3. frankgrimesjr said

    perfect! thank you!

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