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McAfee ePO: Duplicate MAC addresses

Posted by bartvdw on 2828/0101/2008

1 thing is sure: duplicate MAC addresses are a problem for ePO. Why? Simple: it uses the MAC address as unique identifier!

In short: if the Agent GUID is not found, the server uses the MAC address of the machine to verify against the database. If the MAC address is found, the existing database entry is updated with the new machine information. If the MAC address is not found, a new database entry is created and populated with the new machine information.

Result: duplicate MAC addresses are something you don’t want in combination with ePO.

Therefor be careful with cloning processes (same for Agent GUID). However this is not the only source of duplicate MAC’s… For example NLB servers share their MAC address. OK, not everybody runs NLB servers (I for instance prefer HLB configuration), I know!

What to do if you run a lot of NLB servers? Reconfigure ePO to not use the MAC address as unique identifier after you have investigated that this is a real need and you can’t switch the NLB’s to HLB’s. Also make sure that this is what you have and not duplicate Agent GUID’s!! With other words: BE CAREFUL!

Below some references…

Understanding how the Agent GUID is used by the ePolicy Orchestrator server [8078252]

Unable to see both nodes of a cluster in the ePO directory because of duplicate MAC address issue [KB45372]

ePO agents do not appear in the directory after imaged computers are deployed


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